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Ebn Sina Medical was established in the year 1971 as Ebn Sina Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy at Al Rayan  Street. It was and still part of and by owned Al Faisal Holding Company. Between 1971 and 1980 Ebn Sina was acquiring exclusive distribution ship agreements and reputable suppliers and managers in all lines related to health, (medical equipment, pharmacies, dental hospital sundries, mother and child health, skin care and cosmetology), all at a small office located above the pharmacy.   By 1980 the pharmacy had managed to make a considerable number of partners, exclusive agreements and was able to acquire a lot of agencies. Here, a great demand for an establishment finding aroused, in order to scoop the business within principals, to direct and frame the business. So the birth of Ebn Sina establishment was a must, and it was done later on that year. Since then Ebn Sina concentrated it’s effort and managed to grow rapidly to acquire 3 more pharmacies to complete with the growing market in Qatar, it was considered by then the 2nd on going establishment in the market. With the new millennium Ebn Sina managed to hit th
  • Qatar Gas
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