Established in 1985 A.D. as a small steel fabricator, Metals Forming Centre is grown up now to a producer of wide range of metal products. With skilled manpower workforce, MFC is committed to providing high- quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction. We treat customers as our partners to help us learn and develop in our every project. We pride ourselves making easy for customers to do business with us. In a fast growing construction projects in Middle East, customers’ required quality and schedule is are key factors to be matched. That’s why our goal is to provide a quality product as per customers’ requirements and schedule.

Manufacturers of all sorts of materials items, Scaffolding and Metals Company known as MFC has come a long way in the last two decades to be a leading metals work and steel fabricators and contractors in the State of Qatar.

MFC Company has the latest technology and the expertise to offer quality services to the ever growing requirements of the State of Qatar. The State of Qatar, offers excellent business opportunity and higher growth rate on account of the government’s desire to create an the oil and gas resources is used for massive developments of road net works, housing, landscaping and environmental projects, power plants, hospitals, schools and parks, thus driving the demand for extremely high, MFC is fully geared up to meet the challenges in terms of technology coupled with expertise and established experience.

MFC can offer all ranges of services in their field of expertise through the experience gained over decades of successful operations in the state of Qatar fully backed up with internal and external resources…

The success was not all that easy as the years passed from the date of inception, the success was earned through consistent quality policy with commitment to time lines and the dedicated professionals on board MFC.

Starting as a mere small out fit as a metals forming, MFC has rapidly grown up in to a centre of competency and to ensure that the clients get the best of quality services the group has implemented international standards through ISO 9001. Our highest quality standards are the basis of our former and further success.

MFC stand for unrivaled competence and indigenous experience.MFC’s motto and philosophy in all its ventures is “QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE”

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