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Welcome to 3R Group Qatar, this website is designed to cater your requirement for your real estate and vehicle rental needs in Qatar.


We are an established corporation since 1991, Characterised by its Excelleced Management and core competence in the fields of Real Estate. The company offers a wide range of products and services.

The geographical focus is in Qatar and in India. The company was founded by its General Manager. It now employs 25 people.

We have more than 200 properties all around Qatar between Villas (inside & outside Compounds), Shops, Offices and Flats (Furnished & Unfurnished), which all are located in the best districts of the country.

      We provide a professional, confidential and caring support service which focuses on the successful transition and integration of relocation to Qatar. A successful relocation ensures that a family or individual settles quickly and confidently into their new location which reduces and alleviates unnecessary stress to the individuals and saves the company who has relocated them valuable time, resources and money.       Please contact us to server you better.
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