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We at AAES are proud to have founded the company and be part of the economic growth of the country.

At the outset in 1988 our idea was to augment our sister company Razak Contracting and provide a service in the field of Mechanical Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering.

Since then we have grown to be to be an entity in our own right and boast a work force in excess of three hundred and fifty all dedicated to providing a first class engineering service to all local and international contractors who insist on the best.

Our field of expertise now includes Industrial Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Contracting, Water and Sewage & and Pumping, Oil & Gas Services, Instrumentation, Control Panels, SCADA Systems, Major Sheet Metal Fabrication Shops, Major Machine Shops and Electrical Motor Rewind and Service Centre.Finally we invite you to peruse our Internet Web Site to enlighten you a little bit more of the service we provide.

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