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Aal Imran Housing, established  in 1981 is a supplier of pre-engineered and pre-fabricated building systems. These structures have found wide application around the State of Qatar as field construction camps, workforce camps, and for use in large compounds of major contractors and constructors.Utilizing its experience and through the continuous Research & Development, the Company started to enhance its products range by introducing new materials such as Aluminum Sheets for Cladding External Walls and Rockwool for Insulation is considered one of the best solution for Sound and Heat Insulation.Aal Imran Housing also offers the Rental of Cabins for the workforce accommodation. The Packages include Delivery of Cabins, Assembling and complete mechanical and electrical systems which are essential for self-supporting facilities.Aal Imran's experience and demonstrated capability permit rapid development of any kind of facility tailored to meet the specific and individual needs anywhere in Qatar.  Whilst holding specific expertise in market, Aal Imran operates in many sectors and has a prestigious client list that continues to grow with the status of the company.
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