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A’ayan QatarFinance and Leasing

A’ayan is one of the Middle East’s leading corporate leasing organizations.Experience that is now available locally from A’ayan Qatar. Behind this success is a Shari’a compliant operating practice, which created a firm foundation for secure growth. Whichever the case, one single monthly fee covers everything.Running company cars is a distraction from running a business. It also diverts working capital into a depreciating asset – a car.The day a new car arrives, it become a second hand car. In fact, a car depreciates the most in its first year and company cars depreciate fastest due to high mileage.

Companies that tie up working capital in cars tend to keep vehicles longer, to make the most of their investment. This reflects badly on a company’s image with executives driving around in wrecks. Then, at the end of a car’s life you get the hassle of selling it to recoup some cash.

Now there’s a better way. A’ayan Qatar car leasing.

And the longer you keep vehicles on your payroll the more they cost to run. With A’ayan Qatar we take care of the cars, freeing you up to take care of your business. You can lease any type of vehicle, from a single car to a complete fleet. Whichever the case, one manageable monthly fee covers everything:

Purchase of your new car (s) without touching your capital Running costs – including parts maintenance, and servicing Comprehensive insurance Replacement car A brand new car every one or two years

Get back to what you’re good at – running a business. Call in the experts at running cars.

Get a new car every one or two years without the headache of having to sell old company cars.A brand new car every one or two years.So rather than depreciating, A’ayan Qatar vehicles become more appreciated as the hassles of running a car fade into a distant memory. For instant relief from the headache of running cars call on A’ayan Qatar.

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