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It is founded as the new extension and regional office of the German engineering organization, ADA Acoustic Design Ahnert in Berlin, Germany and Acoustic Design Ahnert Limited in Cairo, Egypt.   Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert established this new presence in the Gulf in 2007, in order to provide the same consulting services at the same quality level as the head-office in Berlin, but with more dedication to the rapidly emerging markets of the GCC.   The core spectrum of services covers room- and building acoustics, acoustical analysis/ treatment, system integration, including studios, sound reinforcement-, AV-, security- and data communication-systems, as well as audio/acoustical field measurements.   ADA Gulf is further affiliated to a number of other organizations, such as the GCA Ingenieure AG, a Munich-based association of engineering offices, which enables us to provide an even broader spectrum of services up to complete management packages.The extended range for instance covers stage technology, like machinery, stage lighting, flood lighting, but also other systems like access-control, ticketing etc.   Our scope over the course of any given project covers the phases of determination of the client’s basic requirements, preliminary and detailed design, tender document generation, project execution supervision, on-site measurement and commissioning, final documentation, as well as conducting training for the client’s personnel.   ADA’s successful history reflects of course very much the history of Prof. Dr. Ahnert, who is often described as the pioneer of sound reinforcement and certainly belongs to the most known acousticians world-wide.Prof. Dr. Ahnert and his teams have been part of some of the most prestigious projects in Europe and globally since the 1970s.   From 1975 on he worked in the Institute for Cultural Buildings in the former GDR which was in charge of the overall planning of all important theatres, concert halls and other cultural buildings in the GDR, but was also involved as a responsible consultant in several projects abroad. During this period Dr. Ahnert was instrumental in the registration of several patents, such as the Delta-Stereophony Procedure.
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