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Afkar Information Technology, the leading e-business and collaborative solutions provider in Qatar and the region unleashed SharePoint 2010 in Qatar presenting the salient features of Microsoft's flagship platform product at a seminar in Doha a few days ago.

Addressing a large number of IT managers and professionals present at the event, Afkar’s Chief Executive Officer, Mamoun Eregat said in his keynote speech that in collaboration with Microsoft his firm is committed to introduce to its esteemed clients latest technologies in the field of Information Workers and collaborative e-business solutions.

SharePoint 2010 is Microsoft’s business productivity platform for the Enterprise & the Web that enables information workers to connect and share information through formal and informal business communities, within the enterprise and beyond, and to manage content. In view of the many new features and facilities packed in it, Afkar’s ever- growing number of clients will stand to benefit from SharePoint 2010 he said.

He added that in order to save time and effort it is essential that all firms and business organizations understand the new technology and then specify their requirements prior to implementation.

A phase-based-approach implementation of every project and end-user adoption was also essential he recommended. Continuous updating of IT staff skills is yet another important factor in the field of IT he said.

The seminar was also addressed by Microsoft’s country manager, Abdul Qadir Khan. He said that SharePoint 2010 represents a qualitative change in product history. Microsoft is always keen on evolving integrated business platforms that are in tune with the requirements of firms and organizations. It seeks to enhance search technologies and facilitate rapid response to changing business needs by making data-driven decisions and by deploying customized solutions quickly and securely.

Mohammad Hammoudi, Microsoft’s country manager, emphasized that Afkar is distinguished by the fact that it is the only Qatari firm among the 500 firms chosen internationally to be trained by Microsoft in SharePoint 2010. He also focused on a set of Microsoft’s future solutions that will be environment friendly and assured the participants that Microsoft is committed to make available to the clients in Qatar every new innovation in technology and enable them to benefit from it.

A group of consultants from Afkar also spoke at the seminar. Hamed Shihadeh highlighted the easy accessibility and green credentials of SharePoint 2010. He also mentioned that it is compatible with the other applications used commonly.

Hisham Qaddomi gave a detailed explanation of ECM. Tamim Shaltouni spoke about the facility in preparing business reports and data presentation. He also explained about the new search engine ‘FAST’, one of the most significant additions to SharePoint 2010.

This seminar is the first of its kind in the region and was held a few weeks in advance of the official international launch of SharePoint 2010 and a month after the World Economic Summit in Davos. Qatar is the 30th nation in the world from IT readiness point of view and the third in the Arab world after the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, with the greatest network-preparedness for 2010.

In this context, Afkar CEO, Mamoun al-Eregat emphasized the need to employ the new technology and enable Qatar to be competitive in the region and on the international scene.

Microsoft Qatar selected Afkar in October 2007 as the Best Partner in Qatar, in the technology of SharePoint. In 2008, Afkar was again chosen as the favored partner in the field of customer service.

Those using Afkar’s services include the major government ministries and oil and gas companies in Qatar besides many Gulf organizations.

Afkar’s the most advanced e-business solution in the region, powered by Microsoft technology. Every user benefits from the cutting edge processes pioneered by Afkar.

Established in 1997, Afkar enjoys a good reputation in the market and has been able to supply technology solutions to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Afkar is proud to have a team of dedicated staff.

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