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ASCT - Air Sea Cargo Transport - spa, was founded in 1988 in Genoa, with an operating office in Milan; at that time, the company was mainly working in sea shipping, with a special eye to facilities.

In 1991 the Company got into the air carriage sector and, in 1994, it has been appointed IATA agent; consequently, the whole activity has moved to Milan, with a constant development in both the sea and air carrying trade.

In 1997 ASCT signed an agreement with a financial/industrial group, in order to reach a greater financial soundness and to exploit the synergies that such agreement could offer.

In the same year the Company began to co-operate with a group of foreign companies working in the international carrying trade, with the subscription of contracts as the sole agency for the traffic to and from Italy.

Such an operation lead to a considerable traffic volume and to a comprehensive transformation of the Company, which was formerly a small one and, mainly from 1998, is now firmly introduced into the international markets, becoming one of the leading international forwarding companies in Italy.

Such a new situation has obviously modified the Company's profile: in order to manage (and obtain a further development) of the volume of customers and work coming from foreign agents, we have enrolled some of the most qualified managers available, had a tenfold increase of the operational employees number and, overall, with our new offices in Vicenza, Bologna, Venice, Turin and Naples and the full effectiveness of our branches in Genoa and Rome, we have implemented an efficient network in Italy; the soon opening of two new branches, in Florence and in Ancona, and of an operating centre at the new Malpensa 2000 airport in Milan, is scheduled.

Nevertheless, the Company's policy regarding our relations with customers has not changed, and we still work like a small company, with extreme care and paying attention to each customer's needs.

With our present activity in both the export and in the import sectors, we stand in a leading position in various markets, i.e. in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, India and Dubai.

Moreover, ASCT is successfully working with Venezuela, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, Middle East countries, Mediterranean area, China. 

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