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The company was established in 1995 by Erik Franzen who has successfully developed the business over the years as the CEO. Today, ALBARIQ operates 5 offices, showrooms and workshops in the Middle East and employs over 70 people. As one of the market leaders, ALBARIQ represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment such as FactoryCat, FIMAP, TTS as well as HTC, Tyrolit, Airtec and Trimmer and on the construction equipment side.The sales team provides guidance and expertise to clients when it comes to identifying the machinery and equipment suitable for the scope of work. Technical support and service is handled by our skillful team of mechanics.Washroom hygiene services are provided to many companies who require their facilities to be maintained on highly reliable and professional level. Major brands such as Jofel, Bobson, QTS and Vida represent our washroom hygiene product range. 
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