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A history of commitment, efficiency and single minded determination to serve our client with utmost loyalty is what distinguishes Al Jarsh Trading Co. LLC. As one of the most reliable trading house in the UAE . Al Jarsh Trading, a family owned and operated company started operation in Dubai 1982.The company started its operations under the title of Importers, exporters and Indenters. Today we serve a growing list of importers in the Middle East, Africa, Indian Subcontinent & Europe. We study every client with utmost efficiency as our goal is to cultivate productive long-term relationships, the needs of every market and supply appropriate products accordingly. We cater to our customers based on confidentiality and reliability. Thus we have built a loyal clientele who rely on us for quality merchandise. Product range and quality is never an option. It is a must and we have proved it over the years with high quality services, we provide a wide selection of items ranging from the traditional to the modern. We cater to industries like Hardware, Building Materials, all aluminium ladders scaffoldings mobile towers. Tools, safety equipments, fasteners, fixings, garments, furniture, shop fittings & display, construction and defense and civil services. We are in constant touch with our customers to study the comments on our products and try to provide modifications wherever required. In the past 10 years we have increased our product range widely defining our goal to serve each and every customer according to his own needs.
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