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Al-Majaz Information Technology Consultants is a leading company in the field of IT consultancy and integrated IT solutions. It was incorporated in 1992 in the State of Qatar where it mainly provided Software Application Services for the Qatar Government. The consistent growth of Al-Majaz over the past years and the increasing number of the projects it successfully completed has established its image as a dynamic and professional company, especially as a provider of the state of art solution systems.

Our team of experts in IT management, technology and engineering bring an understanding to the clients’ environment and an appreciation for the challenges facing them that will then be translated into tailored solutions to meet their business requirements. This is because Al-Majaz hires and trains highly qualified professionals who can successfully build and support state of art IT solutions.

To serve the needs of clients Al-Majaz has adopted sophisticated product planning methodologies to manage requirements, capture application extensions, deliver new applications and manage product life cycles. 

For many companies the market is globalizing and becoming more dynamic and transparent. Not only competition, but also the business opportunities are growing. Al-Majaz enables you to streamline and achieve effective communication with customers, partners, suppliers, and your own staff. 

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