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History will surely testify to the rapid-fire advancement that the State of Qatar has been through, recording the unprecedented growth and development that has impacted so significantly on several sectors of the State. This same growth and development has not only positioned Qatar as one of the most solid economies worldwide, but has also categorised it as a social and economical phenomenon - and a benchmark for other economies in the region.

Undeniably, the real estate sector was one of many that experienced this surge in growth and development as a result of the construction boom and, subsequently, the demand for specialised real estate firms grew dramatically.

This same demand was the inspiration behind the 2004 inception of Al Mourouj Real Estate Investment which, through the efforts of the highly qualified professionals on its Board of Directors, has strived to become a cornerstone of this sector.

With profitability being one of, but clearly not the sole, driving factors of its operation, Al Mourouj has distinguished itself by providing fully featured and lasting developments; residential, commercial, and tourist. Accordingly, Al Mourouj ensures that each of its developments is profitable, offering luxurious living conditions and standards for those residing in them and, in parallel, allowing a high rate of return for its investors. With this in mind, Al Mourouj is diligently working on expanding its assets and manpower, incorporating all possible modern design techniques and, at the same time, ensuring that the environmental aspirations of the State are fully upheld.

With this goal clearly outlined by its Board of Directors and Executive Management, Al Mourouj Real Estate Investment is not merely an addition to the real estate sector, but unmistakably a role model for those who are willing to invest. The evident success displayed through its previous projects and the quality real estate services it offers is testament to Al Mourouj’s ability to plan and create regardless of its relatively short history.

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