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Al Shams Advanced Lighting Technologies is a closed joint venture company established in 2004.Its main promoter being the Qatar Development Bank along with other Qatari Investors signed an agreement with Tae Yang Electronics Co Ltd. South Korea to be its technology provider for the establishment of the manufacturing industry for HID lamps and other lighting products in Qatar with the brand name of “SHAMS”. Our Technology provider Tae Yang Electronics Co Ltd. started their lighting business in 1981 and supply lamps, luminaries lighting poles & other lighting product around the world. Al shams Advanced Lighting Technologies has been performing well in the market, delivering their best services as a “Total Lighting Solution Company “ for all types of outdoor and indoor lighting from lighting engineering which includes concept and design to contracting and maintenance of lighting project ,and finally manufacturing of High Intensity Discharge lamps.   Al Shams advanced lighting has strong command in the local market and have completed many projects in lighting design, landscaping, trading & others. Al Shams HID lamp factory is the largest, most modern and well equipped plant in the region. The year 2009 marks the commencement of our company’s operations being the pioneer in producing all types of High Intensity Discharge Lamps in the state of Qatar. Governance and Ethics: Al Shams is offering portfolios of eco-friendly products and services that deliver powerful, sustainable , energy efficient solutions with no compromise on quality, safety and environment .We strive to bring corporate responsibilities to every aspect of our business. Listening, understanding, trust and integrity are some of our values that are shaping the company in order to satisfy our customers and achieve business excellence. Mission: Our mission is to achieve goals through fairness, business ethics, global reach technological expertise, building long term relationships with our associates, customers, partners and employees. Al Shams focuses to be a globally recognized company that provides powerful sustainable and energy efficient lighting solutions, delivered by best in class people.  
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