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Founded in 1990, Al-Jol Contracting & Trading Co .Ltd. is a 100% Saudi owned Company operating through its main headquarters in Al-Khobar, with offices located in Jeddah, Riyadh, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Beirut. Al Jol Contracting and Trading provides a complete range of General Managed Manpower Services, Technical Operations and Maintenance, including Seismic Survey Support Services, Construction Support Services, Marine Services, Industrial Cooling Support Services, Landscaping, Civil Engineering, Pipeline Support Services, Water Injection Services, Water Intake Support Services, Industrial and Environmental cleaning, Thrust Boring, Irrigation Systems Support Services, Industrial and Commercial Painting, Camp Construction, Palace Refurbishment, Construction of Fish Farms, Outsourced Packaging Operations and Skilled Manpower to execute special assigned works. The Managed services provided require highly trained and skilled personnel to achieve the optimal results that comply with international standards. Al Jol Contracting and Trading's Management & Staff Members, consist of highly qualified and well experienced personnel capable of making instant decisions where day to day follow-up is concerned. This bears reference to works carried out successfully for the United States Army for loading military equipment and cleaning work for the Gulf Oil Spill.  
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