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Bardawil Specialties-Qatar is a leading provider of specialised construction products and services to the construction community. The company is part of Bardawil, a leading provider of engineering products and services in the Middle East. Founded in 1945, the group has operations in the UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, and the UK.

The operation in Qatar was established in 1999, as a part of the group's regional expansion plan. Today, it is a well established member of the construction industry in Qatar.

Bardawil Specialities-Qatar has been active in the field of specialised construction materials, architectural products, and environmental products for all types of engineering projects. In addition, the company also undertook the application of specialised systems such as industrial and decorative flooring, concrete repair, waterproofing, etc. With this wide product and service range, the company has been able to participate in most construction projects in the state of Qatar , whether it is residential, commercial, industrial, oil & gas, transportation or utilities.

The company's Commercial Division represents a number of leading brands, each of which is a major or leading player in its industry. The range of products includes: construction chemicals, geotextiles, waterproofing membranes, waterstops, joint sealants, silicone sealants, expansion joint covers, wall and corner guards, flooring and coating systems, geogrids, expanded metals, sports floorings, passive fire fighting systems, bridge joints, bearing pads, entrance floor mats, lintels and fibers. 

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