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BJ PPS has been in the pipeline service business since 1967. During this time of rapid construction of new pipelines around the world, BJ focused it’s attentions on the precommissioning of new pipelines, providing a wide range of services such as hydrotesting, cleaning, and drying. Over time, while this has remained the backbone of the pipeline services we provide, we have expanded these services to provide our customers with solutions to their ongoing maintenance issues. Through continual investment in research and development this range of services continues to expand as customers bring new problems to us on a daily basis. This now covers such things as online cleaning of pipelines, temporary pumping and compression services, as well as our smart pigging services to verify pipeline integrity. As the search for hydrocarbons continues to push the boundaries of technology BJ PPS has been at the forefront of the industry, in particular in the deepwater offshore pipeline business we continue to provide new services and industry firsts that differentiate us from the competition.
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