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The C.A.T. Group has played a significant and proud role in the history of 20th Century contracting. Established in Haifa in 1937, the Contracting And Trading (C.A.T.) Company experienced both the sufferings and the aspirations of the tumultuous area.Founder Emile Bustani was joined by partners,Abdallah Khoury and Shukri Shammas, to form a company of the same name and with the same corporate emblem – the well-known black cat.

After the death of the founders, the partners strategically established in 1993 an international corporate structure. C.A.T. Holding S.A. was registered in Luxembourg and took oversight of all contracting activities.

The Board of Directors of C.A.T. Holding S.A. regroup six members of the three owning families, Bustani, Khoury and Shammas – and three independent members known for their integrity and prominence in the profession. Those changes were complemented with the creation of a new and modern structure, based on the separation between the ownership and the operational management, creating thereby the first family owned construction company in the Middle East with a purely employed professional management.

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