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CCL was formed in the United Kingdom in 1935, marketing products for the electrical transmission and distribution industry. By the 1950s it had diversified into construction placing great emphasis on the export market. In the 1960s the Company invested heavily in the new technology of prestressing, adapting ideas from the original business, and, as a result of its use by CCL on projects across the world, prestressing soon became a widely accepted method of construction. CCL was the first company to use a strand system.


The 1970s saw CCL increasing its product offering, adding Bridge Bearings and Pre-tensioning to its portfolio. The first post-tensioned buildings in the UK were executed by CCL at this time. This area would, over time, become the main focus of the group's business. CCL’s innovative designs and its use of post-tensioning were soon extended for use in new areas such as nuclear containment vessels, in the shape of Hunteston 'B', and the first use of external post-tensioning at London Bridge.


During the 1980s CCL became a public company and expanded into the Middle East, the Gulf and the Far East, opening new subsidiaries to service local markets. The success of this philosophy, with its emphasis on providing service at a local level, became apparent in the 1990s, with the completion of worldwide projects such as Al Monheeb Bridge in Egypt, Jinnah Bridge in Pakistan and Al Garhoud Bridge in the UAE. At the same time the Company’s future in slabs for buildings was taking shape with the 40,000m2 Lamcy Shopping Mall in Dubai and the Helicon in London.


In the year 2000 CCL became an independently owned, private company. Remaining true to the values of its founders, CCL today continues its policy of innovation and progress. Operating in over 50 countries throughout the world, the Company is the largest provider of prestressing solutions in buildings. Every day thousands of square metres of CCL slabs are installed worldwide. Projects include Dubai Mall, where over 1.1km2 of floor slabs were installed in less than one year, Index tower, over 100 storeys high, and Strata, the largest residential building in London. The Company's expertise in buildings is matched by that in bridges such as the landmark Jamarat Bridge which is over 950 metres long and 80 metres wide.

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