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Based in Doha our specialized and expert training teams impart world class safety training to the country’s major oil companies, constructors, and contractors. We have successfully evolved a training solution that automatically tracks all training activities in one centralized database, ensuring each employee receives the appropriate training according to his/her position and calibre delivering the “Right” training to the “Right” person.

Approved and practiced in 72 major countries, our EMP courses are competency-based, using a combination of theory and practical training to develop the skills and attitudes required to work safely and respond appropriately to emergencies that can occur in any industry. Ours is an engaging, fresh, interactive learning experience that can change behaviours, improve business performance, prevent injuries and, most importantly, save lives.

Our global network provides DISS with the necessary technical know-how, manpower and expertise to better address client requirements. As such, we as a dynamic training group, always proactive in gaining additional knowledge by attending international safety and paramedic workshops.

Future plans include the introduction of state of the art Marine & Offshore courses, Paramedic Courses and a full fledged emergency ambulance services equipped with all the top medical services capable of handling any emergencies on the spot, especially in third world countries.

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