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Doha Insurance Company (Q.S.C.) is a Qatari shareholding company registered and incorporated in the State of Qatar under Emiri Decree No. 30 issued on 2nd October 1999. The Company was formed in 2000 in response to the need for growth in the insurance industry, warranted by unprecedented accelerated economic expansion in Qatar as well as the enactment of laws encouraging investments. During 2006, the Company established an Islamic Takaful branch under the brand name Doha Takaful to carry out insurance and reinsurance activities in accordance with Islamic Sharia principles on a non-usury basis in all areas of insurance.

STANDARD & POOR'S has assigned BBB/Stable/--- interactive rating to Doha Insurance in March 2006.


Despite being the newest of the five national insurance companies, Doha Insurance's development is seen as rapid. Its 2008 gross premium was QR 316 million ($ 86.75 million) which is almost four times the volume seen in 2004 which was QR 83 million ($ 22.75 million).


Supported by a highly motivated and well qualified team, Doha Insurance is now poised to play a major role in the regional insurance industry.
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