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The Frameworks: Integration, Coherence, Comprehension and Elasticity to Identity First Integration: Preparation to educational training program in all subjects to learn the student's skills.  In another side,  Apply this program between the specialist to learn the Language, functions, independence, information skills. Second Coherence: Coherence between all learning levels, level by level Third Comprehension: Including all language, independence, information and function skills and development the speech therapy to the children of special needs. Fourth Elasticity: Including on the elasticity in understanding, comprehension and assimilation, through the educational plan with the student's ability Summary about the center. Doha International  Center for Special Needs foundation in 1February 2004 and official opening in 4 Dec 2005 by El Shiek Thany Bin Abd Allah Al Thany which  bring the idea of this center from personal experience . By insistence to build this small center into huge school, to become light for child of the special needs and all divisions consist of Arabic and English. The Foundation of the Center: Doha International Center was build in 2004 by Dr. Hala Naem Rashed Al Said to give a chance of developing the medication and learning of special children to  teach them the language and motivational skills. Developing the children of special needs through teaching them language and function skills through the evaluation,  diagnostic and the learning plan for every case and presence in service for the children and their families and schools. The Aims of the Center:      1.  Availability of social, healthful learning and preparation  services.      2.  Availability of guidance to the family of special needs.      3.  Incorporation of the children of special needs in the society.      4.  Insistence to give the children a chance to learn.      5.  Preparing the children of special needs to go to school.      6.  Include the center an early intervention which work on to discover the disorder.      7.  Doha International Center meets the need of any children  of the special needs from birth until 26 years old. The Administrators staffs and Facilitators of the center including many division which serve the children of special needs. First:   The Administrative Division: Administration: By Dr. Halla Al Said which give their time and efforts to help the children of the special needs and their families through: Diagnostic, Evaluation, Medication and put the plan for every case and working on the program method to solve all disorders. THE RECEPTION: Existence of all information and illustration of services, and answer on all questions and there is  meeting for the families to visit their children in the center. THE PUBLIC RELATIONS: Organization of the journey for the children of special needs at many places.   Also, organizing the different conference.  The Officers: Exhibit the comfort and safety in different relations, and responsibility about the  jobs which defined from the administration. Second:   The Training Division: - Including Arabic and English  - Speech and Language Therapy - Interconnection Disorder - Learning Disability: - Auditory Disorder - Autism - Early Intervention - Hands working - Computer Skills - Daily Skills - Medication - Motivational Skills - Talents - Home Visit - Preparatory Class - Behavioral Therapy The services of the center : First:  Evaluation and Diagnostic For the children of special needs to accept in the center and to put the plan to developed the case. Second:  The client services The Psychological Evaluation: Evaluating the mental abilities of the child and his learning by the specialist in the center to put the medication plan. Third:  The Consultative Services: Availability of services for the children and their families to solve the social, psychological problem. Fourth the Medication Services: Medicate language and phonetic disorder and speech disorder. - Phonation Disorder - Speech and Language Disorder - Dystopia - Stuttering - Reading and Writing Disorder - Swallowing Disorder Fifth Creation Services: - Hands Working  Development of the child's ability by hands by working and improvement of their imagination.   - The Computer: Learning the computer by helping the children to developed their mental ability by the specialists.  We use the computer inside the center for the learning  and skills to complete the learning plan. - The Arts and Drawing: Development of child's imagination through the free drawing on tableau, sand and the ground. - The Music Teaching the children through music, which work on the speech and language therapy. This teaches the autistic child and learning  disabilities to connect between the specialist and the children.  There are many children of autism like music. Sixth ;  Educational Amusing Services: The center care with the education journey and visits and meeting to incorporate the children inside the society. Outside Activities: Availability of training to the families, teachers and specialists who work with the children  of special needs to developed the language skills. Inside Activities: Inside Activities like kitchen and cooking….etc..which aims to independence. Different activities to developed the competition between the student and another and between the student  and the environment. The Library: Including science books and variant stories through teaching the students to comprehend by reading stories. 1.  Early Interventions: Early intervention to solve the problems early.  By scientific way to developed the mental ability of the child,  and to developed the motivation, social and behavior disorder. Early Intervention benefit the families to accept their children and help them by training inside the home.  Early Intervention program to prepare the children to learn the different skills  of like, language, connection, motivation, comprehension skills, which depend on big and small motivation and on visual motivational and auditory motivation skills and different independence and personal skills. 2.  Preparatory Class:      Preparing the students to get the school by educational program. 3.  Learning Disabilities:      Availability of training program to developed the language skills and academic skills by simplifying the method and analyzing the academic skills. 4.  Speech and Language Therapy :      Developed the receptive language and training to say the right sounds, also working with auditory disorder. 5.  Behavioral Therapy:      Developed the personal, social and psychological skills by the Psychologist through the program to edit the behavior and concentrate on the behavior disorder to solve all problems. 6.  Natural Medication:      Availability of medication, training by the specialists and put the training program and using the sports machine. 7.  Functional Medication:  Developed the comprehension and concentrate skills through, development the hand muscle and fingers which worked on the preparation of the skills and abilities to developed the independence, social and incorporate in society. Autism: Available in the center, Educational, learning, training, behavior and independent services for autistic child which appears in the first three years of the child, and the center put the medication program for ever child. Autism aims: After reading all theories and philosophy, there is a global theory depend on the following:
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