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Friendly Food Qatar Established in 1978, has grown to be recognized as one of Qatar's leading players in both food and non-food products. The main reason for the company's consistent growth has been its strict adherence to quality, the un-breakable trust it has forged with all its customers and the strong relationship it has built with world-renowned brands. Friendly Food Qatar has been serving the State of Qatar with a wide expanse of products ranging from processed meat, dairy products, snacks and Arabic specialties to a variety of frozen, chilled and canned products. In the non-food category the company deals in a range of high quality consumer and disposable items. These include all sorts of food packaging products, napkins, disposable cups, plates, trays and a variety of medical products as well among a lot of others. The company has a lot of sufficient infrastructure to develop customized products for its customers. Food Bakery Ingredients, French Fries, Mortadella, Sausages, Processed Meat, Processed Cheese, Natural Turkish Delight, Halawa, Tahina, Packed Spices, Packed Coffee, Packed Nuts, Jam, Olive Oil, Dough Products, Glaced Cherries, Canned Fruits, Tomato Ketchup Portions, Sugar Sachets, Pepper Sachets, Ice Cream Powder, Dairy Products, Potato Crunchies, Potato Chips. Disposables Juice Cups, Pleated Portion Cups, Squeezers, Foil Wraps, French Fries Scoops, Paper Plates, Clear Cups, Clear Containers, Frills, White Chop Holders, Sandwich Papers, Cling Films, Backing Parchments, Soft Moistened Tissues, Flexible Straws, Dust Mask, Gloves, Aprons, Decorated Plates, Tooth Picks, Pizza Boxes, Pop Corn Pouches, Forage Hats, Chef's Hats, Glass Holders, Cake Cups, Cake Boxes, Cake Boards, Bamboo Skewers, Doilies, Garbage Bags, Shopping Bags, Mob Caps, Cotton Buds, Make-up Pads, Cotton Wool Bag, Cotton Wool - Pleated, Trash Bags, Table Covers, Oven Bags, Sandwich Bags, Food Storage Bags. Paper  Industrial Rolls, Napkins, Coloured Napkins, Plates, Bowls, Cups, Coasters, Kitchen Rolls, Folded Towels. Foam  Meat Trays, Cups, Poultry Trays, Family Trays, Hot Dog Boxes, Lunch Boxes, Burger Boxes, Chicken Boxes, Plates, Bowls, Pizza Boxes. Plastic  Bowls, Trays, Cups, Containers/Lids, Garlic Cups, Rect. Containers/Lids, Coffee Cups, Ice Cream Spoons, Spoons, Knives, Forks, Plates, Stirrers, Coffee Spoons, Chip Forks. Aluminium  Containers, Trays, Foils, Platters, Ash Trays, Cake Containers. Hygienic Products Sanitary Napkins, Baby Diapers & Wipes, Examination Rolls, Facial & Toilet Tissues, Sterile Swab, Nurse Caps. Others... Tape Dispensers, PVC Tapes, Plastic Bag Neck Sealer, Shampoo, Liquid Cream Soap, Table Sheet Plastic Rolls, Crystal Trays, Miniature Hotel Soaps, Hand Paper Holder, Soap Dispenser, Hand Liquid Soap, Shrink Films, Dust Bins, Flower Pots, Glass Cloth, Soft Broom with Handle.
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