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In 1927, the world’s first industrial maintenance service company was formed. Its product offering – the first-ever pipeline leak sealant and unrivalled engineering expertise. 2004 marked 75 years of Furmanite serving industries worldwide. Today Furmanite, the specialty services company has maintained and built upon its leadership position as its reach extends to 70 field service offices on five continents and 1,200+ employees on all corners of the globe. What started as a single-offering company, has impressively evolved into a global organization offering end-to-end management and maintenance solutions, services and products. Furmanite’s single mission and business goal is to Maximize Asset Uptime for customers. Specifically, everything Furmanite does directly relates to keeping an asset up, productive and profitable; be it a pipeline, a plant, or personnel. Whether it’s new product development or expansion into new markets, Furmanite is always focused on ways to improve customers’ business, thereby creating and solidifying long-term business partnerships.  Furmanite looks forward to the years ahead and expects the next 75 years to be as successful and positive as the last 75. The Company will continue to expand its market and industry penetration, develop innovative and progressive solutions, and – most importantly – persist in finding ways to Maximize Asset Uptime for our valuable customers and business partners worldwide.
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