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2010 is a special year for Gleeds as it marks our 125th anniversary. We are proud of our history and heritage as well as our ability to demonstrate 125 years of excellence in an ever changing sector.In the last 10 years as Chairman I have become increasingly aware of the tough challenges facing the construction industry. Despite this, Gleeds continues to go from strength to strength.In 1885 Gleeds was a small quantity surveying practice based in London. One hundred years ago we opened our second Gleeds office in Nottingham and the practice has been evolving ever since, with 45 offices across the globe and counting.The business has expanded into new markets such as India and China, and as well as offering the traditional core services of cost and project management, we have developed high level sustainability, PPP/PFI and strategic advisory services.One of my personal highlights was establishing our own global online TV channel Gleeds TV. Another was the introduction of ‘The New Rules of Measurement’ by the RICS, which was co-written by Gleeds.

As I look forward to the next 125 years, I welcome your feedback in order to maintain the high standards we set ourselves.Richard Steer, Chairman, Gleeds Worldwide

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