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Global Scope IT - QATAR Global Scope for Information technology (GS-IT)

Concept created early 2007 and as an entity registered in January 2009 in the State of Qatar with one focus in mind, is to become client oriented service provider and to fill the gap that currently exists between technology vendors and technology users by using the “Global Scope to provide the right Technology of Services”. Global Scope is on continuous quest for knowledge and gain of experience in Information Technology and Telecommunications.



Global Scope is focused to meet requirements for the public and private sectors, including Education, Financial, Communication and Trading based business.


Global Scope name symbolize unity, since we never claim to be able to do everything by ourselves. It’s always Joint Efforts and we are focused on providing highest level Technology of Services.


Global Scope believes in openness and honesty dictates our every relationship with our clients, vendors, partners and staff.


Global Scope services include installation, operation, and maintenance of Infrastructure and systems architectures.


Global Scope is selected by group of esteemed organizations; from both sectors governmental and commercial; to full manage their IT and communications requirements.



**Global Scope is evaluating the certified partnership programs if it will help our clients. Global Scope main partners are GS-IT clients.

  • Qatar Gas
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