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Tensile fabric structures are an example of how nature has inspired mankind with its most elegant and efficient forms and shapes.


Tensile fabric structures are made primarily of PVC or PTFE and utilize cables and steel, to provide shape and support. The fabrics used are thin, light and long-lasting. By tensioning the fabric in all directions a shape is formed which is pre-determined by the design and the cutting pattern of the fabric. In combination with traditional building components, the effect of force flow in the thin-patterned fabric generates very unique forms and shapes.


The generated forms are elegant and beautiful. They give a sense of lightness and freedom to the space they occupy. The curved, spherical surface gives tensile fabric structures a soft edge, enhancing their appeal and making them look more organic.


Tensile fabric structures have been used in a wide range of constructions and building applications for years. From the roofing of large sports halls, sports stadiums and shopping malls to airports, car parking shades and fabric sculptures; tensile fabric structures are very adaptable to diverse project sizes and specifications.

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