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Gulf STAR Group has been a prominent partner with Qatar, a major global player in the new economy, since its inception in1991. Subsequently, over the years, the group has diversified its activities in all areas of business concerns thereby providing a wide range of products and services to our list of entrusted clients.


We provide ‘End to End’ customer care solutions focused on building customer loyalty and new business development for our clients. We deliver services from both onsite or near shore centres as also from offshore locations, depending on business demands. We continually innovate with technology, delivery models and labour pools. Infusion of industry best practices and scope for overall process improvements and transformation are the driving factors of our group. We guarantee excellent standard of service quality in line with the brand characteristics and the service expectations of our individual clients. We offer various engagement models depending on our client’s needs - from the highly service oriented clients to the extremely price sensitive clients, we serve everybody.


Gulf STAR Group continues to strategically position itself, capitalizing on the favourable market while contributing to a large proportion of civil, engineering, hospitality, services and development projects in Qatar. Buoyed by the strength and resources of our partners, the Group’s inherent superiority and strong regional network ensure its continuing growth in terms of market share and category expansion.

  • Qatar Gas
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