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Big in steel   Iemants is a steel fabrication company with an established reputation in the design and manufacture of steel structures, especially heavy-duty, technically complex and architecturallydesigned structures.   With its manufacturing capacity of 20.000 tonnes per year Iemants can be included among the world's leading steel fabrication companies.We have our own engineering offices, which use fully-implemented CAD-CAM stations linked directly to the computers in the factory via a computer network. (Autocad - Bocad – TechnoCad)   The production facilities at Arendonk (Belgium) are equipped with the very latest machinery. They consist of a covered factory area of 50.000 m², and include a paint shop and facilities for the application of corrosion-resistant coatings. Iemants attaches great importance to the quality of all its products and services. Our working methods are based on a precise and carefully designed system in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, wich constitutes a guarantee for quality - from the design right through to the finished product. Iemants also considers safety to be of great importance. The importance we attach to this is demonstrated by our VCA certificate from Det Norske Veritas, and by the fact that all our staff involved in the erection of steel structures are in the possession of the Safety 1 diploma.  Iemants can also supply its clients with an additional added value in the form of our close cooperation with a number of other European specialized steel fabrication companies that also belong to the Smulders Group.
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