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IDG (Industrial Development Group) is a specialized company in studying and carrying out industrial projects that constitute an essential part in development service in the states wherein it works.Development means each and every business that participates in building the country such as industrial constructions, establishing foundations, constructing road and founding educational and medical institutions.This could be achieved via raising factories that manufacture the infrastructure requirements, building equipment, health requisites, in addition to educational and recreational prerequisites. This, in turn, meets the essential consumption of the developing state. IDG depends on a competent specialized cadre of engineers, technicians, administrators and experts (PhD holders) in the realm of industry. IDG specialists work in all industrial fields such as electricity, mechanics, digital control, chemical industry and nanotechnology. Such industries require a high level of engineering skill such as casting/molding, producing machines, hydraulic rams and digital control over factories and houses (e.g. controlling curtains, AC, water pumps and entrances via computer.).That is why IDG has a good team of experts and engineers in all specializations. IDG activities are not confined to Qatar. So, it has made many partnerships and agreements of development with several countries. IDG offers big projects that private sector can not finance, among which are recycling garbage ,iron and steel projects and so on.
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