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Food has always created an atmosphere for bringing people together. My Passion for food is not really about the Food it self, but it comes from the magic that happens. When our family or friends get together to share a great meals.

This is very important to us in La cuisine to make people share this passion in their eve dents at La cuisine we can create Menus for cocktail parties, wedding receptions, open houses grand openings & etc. Any gathering where wonderful, imaginative food is needed to create your memorable event, just follow these easy guidelines…

·        Don't be shy

Tell us a little bit about your guests… We can easily help you to determine the best of food and style to suit your groups.

·         Describe the location of your party. Some sites call for simpler fare, while others have facilities that allow us to be more ambitious, our job is to make your party a success in any spaces.

·         Our Menus are easy to change, if you see something on another Menu that you like, it's no trouble to make it substitutions or additions.

·         Our hors d' oeuvres events are planned to feed hungry people for at least two hours and are always substantial. Let us worry about the amounts you need it's a part of our services.

After all here are our principles:

·        Quality first:

At fare La cuisine we are incredibly fussy about quality. I push my associates and myself to new levels at every opportunity. I strive to provide quality not only in the finest ingredients but also in the evident planning. Food preparation and (most importantly services).

·        Fresh foods:

As I work with my customers I always try to incorporate fresh food into the Menu planning. I search for the freshest items I can find through all of the four seasons.

·        Healthy foods:

Many of my customers have special needs requiring sensitivity to special diets, food allergies, religious affiliations, and good health.

I accommodate all of these needs while still maintaining bold and creative flavors.

       I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your special events and help you have fun with      


Executive Director

Ahmed Abdullah

Tel.M.No. +97466871995

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