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Land & Marine Oil Fields Services Co. W.L.L. are the representatives of the following companies in Qatar.


SKF Asset Management Services is a Qatar based Asset Management Consultancy with strong links to the global Oil & Gas sector. Over the years we have become one of the leaders in Condition Based Maintenance Consultancy providing products and solutions to our customer maintenance requirements. Our products and services consist of the following:

Maintenance Strategy Development, Audit & Optimisation CMMS Implementation, Audit & Support Standard Preventative & Shutdown Procedures Generic Maintenance Strategies Reliability, Availability & Maintainability Model (RAM) Reliability & Availability Optimisation Maintenance Organisational Audit Whole Life Cycle Cost (WLCC) Models Performance Monitoring and reporting systems Development and implementation of Condition monitoring strategy Material & Spares Cataloguing, using noun modifier based templates Corporate Cataloguing Material Management Audit Initial Spare Parts Review Material & Stock Identification/Verification Inventory Control & Optimisation Risk Spares analysis Preservation and moth balling procedures Warehouse/Stores layout

This expertise has been harnessed to create a unique portfolio of innovative techniques, systems and software designed to meet the challenges of a broad range of industrial sectors.

Our consultancy and CMMS support services are supported by a team of consultants, engineers, software and instrument development personnel, who provide a comprehensive, dedicated service to our clients.

Operating at the forefront of Condition Monitoring technology in such a demanding environment, we have amassed a wealth of experience in providing reliable, practical and cost-effective maintenance solutions tailored to the precise needs of our clients.

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