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  LEADERS QATAR is a three and a half year old limited liability company registered in Doha, Qatar established by Leaders for Aluminium & Glass Industries Sharjah, UAE.  The company employs in Qatar some of the best professionals in the aluminium and glass industries in the region. It also enjoys a continuous support from its older sister M/s. Leaders Industries in Sharjah, U.A.E.  Located in the heart of the industrial area in Doha at Street No. 45, LEADERS QATAR is able to serve the Qatari market with the quality aluminium and glazing works up to the international standards that meets its clients expectations in Qatar. LEADERS QATAR pride itself in providing quality products, giving importance to the technical and design criteria.  The implementation of quality procedures is of prime importance to our management, as well as all members of our staff, we always attempt to deliver our quality products ON TIME.Each new project is evaluated by our technical personnel starting from design - the technical and time aspects are considered in depth prior to production. Preparation of sample submittals, along with shop drawings and structural evaluation are studied and submitted for approval before production commences. This pre-production phase is carried out to ensure our work meets the specified or proposed materials and our quality procedures. The site installation is done by skilled workers and is carefully monitored by our qualified site engineers or foreman for the duration of the project. We are the only and the exclusive certified fabricator and installer of VISTAWALL systems for aluminium doors/windows, curtain walls and skylights in Qatar. This system is a high quality proven system and is currently being partially extruded under license from VISTAWALL International in the region. All VISTAWALL systems have undergone testing procedures in laboratories overseas and test certificates can be produced for your perusal. VISTAWALL supports all the projects we procure with technical and engineering back up from their middle east offices in Dubai or, if so required, from VISTAWALL main offices in USA. Please refer to VISTAWALL introduction in this document.
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