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Medicals International was established in 1994 as a limited partnership in Beirut, Lebanon. Since then, Medicals have proved to be a regional organization with 12 offices serving 14 countries with the objective of marketing medical and health related items, mainly optical & ophthalmic. Soon after Beirut, Dubai office was established in 1997, followed by Cairo office in 1999, Saudi Arabia in 2001, Syria, Jordan & Kuwait in 2004, Qatar in 2005, and recently Riyadh, Iran & Oman. In the mean time, Medicals International- Offshore SAL was founded to look after the supplies & logistics of all Medicals International units. Our team consists of over 110 people properly trained and coached to become proper business entrepreneurs on all levels with four team members becoming partners. In Medicals International, learning is a must. All our members come with proper educational background of a minimum of BS/BA or Engineering degrees, which we enhance and develop through constant intensive training and research for the objective of committing to service and excellence.  We believe in our people’s development and invest in equipping them with all the knowledge, skills and support needed to become competent individuals able to take the right decisions at the right time. Our most important values at Medicals lie on having a competitive edge, mutual respect, promotion from within, teamwork, constant personal & professional development and serving from the heart.
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