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Nasser S. Al Hajri Corporation (NSH) has long recognized that the fabrication and delivery to the jobsite of pre-fabricated piping assemblies on schedule, is a critical element in the completion and success of any construction project.

It is for this reason, that NSH has chosen to further enhance it'scustomer service abilities by erecting the largest pre-fabricated piping assembly fabrication facility in the Middle East. The facility, is named as NASSER S. AL-HAJRI FABRICATION DIVISON (NSHFD) which is located in the Dammam Second Industrial City area, is the most modern and best equipped facility in the Middle East, using the latest manufacturing technology and software to produce piping assemblies of unparalleled quality.

The facility encompasses an area of 103,000 square meters, which includes a covered shop area of 5 bays (4 carbon steel and 1 stainless steel). Each Bay is 17.5 meters by 130 meters, for a total shop area of 11,375 square meters. Each Bay has three overhead cranes for a total of 15 cranes for material movement. Approximately 80,000 square meters is available for client material storage. The shop is fully integrated into all phases of NSH operations, from maintaining schedules to manpower utilization.

The plant site has the capacity to handle materials and spool storage for any project up to $300 Million U.S. Dollars.

The fabrication shop is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to effectively and efficiently handle any major pipe spool fabrication project. Shop equipment includes two Vernon Tool Company ,48 inch (75 mm to 1220 mm) pantograph machine, which use plasma torches for cut-off and/or beveling/profiling, a full range of automatic welding equipment utilizing GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, SAW AND FCAW, radiography bunkers for each of the four carbon steel bays, and automatic shot blast unit (4 wheels) and enclosed manual blast and painting facilities and an LPG gas fired Stress Relieving Furnace of 3 meters by 3 meters by 13 meters. The Furnace will accept up to 20 tons per heat.

The facility includes a large conference room and ample client office space for client representatives to monitor all phases of their project as well as attend and arrange meetings with NSH as required.

The facility is designed to produce 65,000 weld dia inch per month utilizing a single shift of 6 days per week and 10 hours per day. At a later stage the facility will expand to include Heat Exchangers and small to medium Pressure Vessels and Tanks. The objective is to support the Construction Division of NSH as well as cater to other client requirements when required. The fully automated facility utilizes the latest integrated software such as SpoolGen 5, I-sketch, I-configure and NSHs’ proprietary Material Management System which helps to meet the target completion date. The use of automated equipment and the latest software will allow us to insure the overall quality and timely delivery of the finished product.

It has been proven job after job that early planning and the use of prefabricated spools is not only fast, efficient and accurate but our clients can be assured of a superior finished product. We train and employ certified welders and skilled workers from our Construction Division who, on average, have approximately 10 years of experience.

To ensure customer satisfaction and the quality of it’s fabrication activities, NSH maintains a comprehensive Quality Assurance program. Through the years NSH has dedicated considerable effort to meet the demand of the industry in this respect. As Safety & Quality are prime concerns in NSH operations the management is vigorously pursuing an aggressive Safety & Quality Management Program.

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