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NPS Group was established in 2004 in the state of Qatar, merging the business and operations of three multinational companies; the National Oil Well Maintenance Company (NOWMCO) of Qatar, National Petroleum Technology Company (NPT) of Saudi and National Drilling Company (NDC) of Saudi. The three companies were established in the Middle East in the 80’s and provided the Middle Eastern oil and gas market a range of services including coiled tubing, cementing, stimulation, wireline logging, testing & drilling to the oil & gas industry.

Since the merger agreement, NPS’ main focus has been on enhancing the company portfolio and increasing service value to clients. The NPS group continues to grow organically by geographical expansion and non-organically through strategic mergers & acquisitions. Today with over twenty subsidiaries and branches, NPS has emerged as the largest regional oil, gas and petrochemical services provider in the Middle East, able to compete with the larger international service providers in these markets. NPS has reached a level of financial strength and size to allow it to secure a fair share of the regional market from the international service providers by capitalizing on its team of highly skilled work force, eaner cost structure and outstanding service quality. Presently, NPS has operation and facilities in the Middle East, North Africa, Far East, North America, South America, and Europe, and is rapidly expanding its global footprint.

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