Nehmeh is recognized as one of the leading integrated manufacturing & trading companies headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Nehmeh is engaged in every aspect of the construction, Automotive and Wood working industry, including manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales and after-sales, and in addition to investing in renewable and advanced technologies. The original company name, Anton Nehmeh, has roots which can be traced back to 1953 in Doha, Qatar. As years went by and experiences were gained, Nehmeh developed subsidiaries, namely National Radiator Factory & Natco. Subsequently, Nehmeh acquired many world renowned brands and has made those brands leaders in the Qatari market. Our corporate identity was changed to Nehmeh in 2009 to reflect our rebirth as a stronger and now, a regional player in providing innovative & quality industrial solutions. Today, the quality-endorsed Group is recognized as one of the leading provider of industrial solutions and offering a broad spectrum of products and services to the government, municipalities, the business community at large and above all the industrial sector and operates in the state of Qatar & the Kingdom of Bahrain and is continuously undergoing transformation for providing markets with a choice of quality. Nehmeh’s commitment to community service is part of our gratitude and great pride in contributing to the local communities where we live and work. From the products which we sell to the initiatives which we have put in placed Nehmeh cares about the environment and are proud of the many ways in which our family of dedicated staff and management work hard to safeguard and protect our planet.
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