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PIH Services Middle East Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of PIH Holdings Limited, a UK registered company, which in turn, is owned by CRC Evans Pipeline International Inc of Houston Texas USA.

PIH Services Middle East Limited (2000/2006), formerly Alkhaja Cooperheat/Alkhaja Pimex (Abu Dhabi) (1983/2000), and prior to that period, the company traded as Cooperheat Middle East (1978/1983). The company has retained its head office, in Dubai, since 1978.

PIH Services Middle East Limited was formed from the acquisition of Alkhaja Cooperheat and Alkhaja Pimex in 2000.  Following the acquisition the company traded as Alkhaja PIH until March 2003 when its name was changed to PIH Services ME Ltd.

We are active in most Middle East countries, and specifically in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, where we have fully operational offices, with resident managers. We have been operating, in these countries, in this manner since 1978, as mentioned above. We have over 300 skilled technicians, operating through out the region, and we are the biggest NDT company in the Middle East, specializing in Pipeline and Plant contracts, in the fields of Inspection, NDT and Heat Treatment (Sales and Contracts)

PIH Services ME Ltd. has grown in stature, and has previously mentioned, employs a total workforce of over 300 technicians, at present, through out the gulf region and beyond. Although the majority of our contracts have been awarded to us from the UAE and other Middle Eastern Countries, we have carried out Pipeline and Large Petro Chemical Plant contracts further a field, in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Mozambique, South Africa, Equatorial New Guinea, Sudan, Angola and Nigeria.

To enable contractors/owner-operators to have a complete NDE and heat treatment solution, implementing the latest technology, PIHME can now offer a one stop, one shop solution for both conventional and advanced techniques both onshore and offshore.With over a quarter of a century of experience in plant, pipelines, offshore and onshore work, the capabilities of PIHME has been enhanced by the introduction and development of new technology and systems for the requirements of NDE and heat treatment within the Oil, Gas and Power Industries.

This new technology includes the latest state of the art phased array Automatic Ultrasonic which can be mobilised both onshore and offshore as a totally self contained inspection unit combining speed and accuracy in order to service today’s demand for high out put production rates. With our dedicated in-house training facilities we can deliver tomorrow’s technology, today.

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