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Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco) was established in the year 1974 as a multi-national joint venture between Industries Qatar 80% and the French Total Petrochemical Company 20% to be a leading Middle East company in the field of petrochemical industries producing high quality ethylene and low polyethylene. The company is made up of an ethylene plant, producing 720.000 MT per annum, two low-density polyethylene plants with a production capacity of 400.000 MT/Y, and sulfur plant that produces 70.000MT/Y. The commercial production started in 1982. The new polyethylene plant (3), once fully operational, is expected to produces around 300.000MT per year, thus raising the overall production capacity of the company to 700.000 MT per year of low-density polyethylene.


Moreover, the new ethylene plant (2) increased the production of the company from ethylene to 800.000MT/Y, thus, bringing Qapco back to the forefront to ethylene production and exportation. The ethylene produces will provide for the needs of Qatar Vinyl Company (QVC) and the needs of the polyethylene 3. The extra ethylene quantities will be exported to the international markets, including India, South East Asia, and Western Europe. It is noteworthy that the ethylene produced by Qapco is used a various end-user industries with applications in all fields of life.


Qatar Petrochemical Company Ltd. (QAPCO) is one of the leading producers of ethylene and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in the Middle East Region. LDPE is being marketed under the ‘LOTRENE’ brand name.

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