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The first well, Dukhan 1, was drilled in 1939. Development continued after World War II and in 1949 the first crude exports occurred and the first offshore concessions were granted. In 1960, the Idd Al-Shargi and Maydan Mahzam fields were discovered. The largest offshore field, Bul Hanine, was discovered in 1970 and came onstream in 1972. Qatar Petroleum was created in 1974.

General Services (GS) Department has developed a database for QP office space requirements and leased more than 70,000 square meters of office space for Doha-based employees to meet with the increasing demand.  The department continued to provide efficient service in the areas of housing, facilities services and maintenance, and transport services to support QP operations in Doha and non-technical records centre services to QP departments at all locations. GS continued to provide support services to newly established and affiliate companies.

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