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Arabian Construction Company (ACC) is a dynamic and progressive organization that has grown to become a leader in its industry. ACC has been operating since 1967, through a comprehensive regional network throughout the Middle East. From power generation and desalination plants, to factories, hotels, hospitals, and intricately sophisticated smart buildings, ACC's track record is a prestigious list of efficiently delivered projects.

Established contacts in the region, a dedicated workforce and an exacting standard for completion have gained the company a competitive edge well recognized in the industry. ACC benefits from a working network in many areas in the Middle East which allows it to mobilize rapidly throughout the region.

ACC's advantage also lies in its ability to bring solutions to the client's requirements in all phases of project planning and execution. ACC offers full contracting services and has the flexibility to assist the client by securing additional expertise for feasibility studies, preliminary designs, financing opportunities and joint venture partners for optimum project delivery.

ACC's management consists of highly qualified professionals with a distinguished track record in the region. ACC's staff have always taken on the challenge of broadening fields of operations and increasingly complex work standards over the past 40 years. In doing so, they have constantly acquired new skills and expertise that keep them ahead in the industry. ACC is grateful to its human capital for its solid reputation in the Middle East and its prestigious list of repeat clients.

ACC's clients are assured of the best possible service in project delivery as ACC's managers are committed to the success of each and every project.

All of ACC's shareholders are involved in the day to day operations, being part of the management team with a vested interest in the success of all projects.

Also, a flat organization structure with few levels of management guarantees access to senior company members with decision making authority to all outside parties involved in ACC projects, whether they are clients, consultants, subcontractors or financing parties.

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