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We are considered by our loyal customers to be one of the competitive suppliers for a good range of building materials within the local market. Our vision for the business was established by a set of experienced and highly skilled businessmen combined through different field backgrounds which have resulted in generating our modest power of aiming into the market, selecting our customers, improving our services, and most important harvesting our success.

Currently, our list of customers is summarized to be the civil contractors within the State of Qatar, The Qatari Government and The United States Air Force & Military Bases. The company was established in 2005, and has been successfully fulfilling our customers’ needs, regardless of the simplicity or the customization of the requests. Our internal support of experiences has made this easy by holding good sources for our items and services, establishing good contacts with suppliers abroad, and providing quality versus price, which has led successfully to achieving our main goal, Customer Satisfaction through Listening to Details.

The name of the company was coincidentally extracted from the idea of having firm Qatari sources, and sources abroad, for items and services provided today by us. Not to mention the ongoing efforts in use behind our success.

We, now, are glad to generate an extra service for our customers, to be available for them online, adding more to our existence to our customers, being closer, more detailed and clear; a method which we deem will aid us into having a quicker response and a stronger connection with our field and customer.

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