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Since more than five decades ,SOLETEC has performed remarkably well in the business & engineering field. The industrial strategies fibers basis of SOLETEC grew up along the years of the last century in conformity with hard adequate family structure context. Over the medium term, SOLETEC should be able to maintain growth in the know how of industry & energy aiming to assist leaders to structure adequate ventures and consortiums with minimizing all risks launching breakdown analysis of tasks MICRO levels through MESO and up to the MACRO concept.


Prior to hand over its final decisional advise at the bidding and pre contract stages of the complexes tenders, SOLETEC shall carry out potential revised SWOT matrix with targets for its clients output decision, all in accordance with the latest globalization of the industry. A global/local scheme is always providing adequate arguments for the final decision of its client in order to adopt SOLETEC’s proposal safely.

  • Qatar Gas
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