Tajine invites you to take a journey in the Old Madina from Jamea’ Al Fana in Marakesh, Old Souks in Rabat, seaside of El Saouira to the Kasbah of Tangir. Rich in bot hits history and flavor, Moroccan cuisine is known to be the most exotic food worldwide. Morocco, the culinary star of North Africa, is the doorway between Europe and Africa. A lot of imperial and trade influence has been filtered through its culture and blended into its civilization. Unlike the herb-based cooking known across the sea to the north, Moroccan cooking is famous by its rich spices. The sophisticated Moroccan plate started to emerge when the country played a host role to travelers and rulers who used to come from disparate lands such as China, India, Persia and when also influenced by the French and Spanish protectorate that remained in this region for long periods of time. Our award winning Chefs have prepared meals at leading fivestar hotels and restaurants each in his/her own specialty in the Moroccan cuisine. At Tajine Cuisine, every detail was considered as the design team traveled extensively to replicate the ambiance of the Moroccan fair plates placed now between your own hands. All were hand selected from “Asafy” while the mosaic was crafted in “Fez”, the imperial city known historically as the capital of articulate earthenware. The highest quality of equipment and service has been assembled. 
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