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The Company possess most advanced, updated and calibrated inspection equipments operated by highly skilled, experienced, qualified and certified inspection personnel with professional certificates (ASNT Level-II in MT, PT, UT EMI, Standard DS-1) having wide International inspection back ground. Also company is the certified copy holder of NS -2 inspection procedure - A Drill String Inspection Standard from Fearnley Procter Group Company, United Kingdom.

The Company has latest updated and calibrated EMI Intrascope inspection equipments and BHA inspection equipments in Qatar. Apart from the inspection equipments, company have the Internal Turbo Cleaning (Rattling) De-Scaling Services, Pipe Straightening Services, Shoulder Refacing Services, Optical Instrument for I.D. Visual Inspection, Internal and External Buffing Cleaning and Coating facilities.

The company has strong technical back support from RAYCO, T.I.S.S, ICO, B&W, PITCO and NDEIC. USA, which enable the company to provide a perfectly organized best, prompt, quality and high standard service to it's customers. Our membership in International Pipe Inspectors Association (IPIA) and American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT) strengthens and guarantees the quality of our inspection services.

The crew is available round the clock and company can perform all inspection services even in any emergency of the customer. The company has big yard facility for the inspection and storage of all the Pipes/Tools that belongs to its customers.

The company has separate QA / QC Department for the calibration of it's equipments, to provide training for it's staff of each level, to evaluate the performance of its employees and safety department for the health and safety of it's employees and protection of the environment.

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