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United Development PSC (UDC) was founded in 1999. It has become one of the leading private sector companies in the State of Qatar, working with global partners across the Middle East to fulfill its mandate to be a cornerstone of the Qatari economy. Due in great measure to the unique conditions for sustainable economic activity in Qatar created by the country’s leadership under His Highness the Emir, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, UDC has established a stable business platform generating wealth and returning value through investment and joint venture activities. UDC identifies and invests in long-term projects in sectors including hydrocarbons and energy, infrastructure and utilities, maritime and environmental-related businesses, residential and commercial real estate development, property management, information technology, hospitality and leisure, media and communications, fashion business and marketing services. Every initiative is focused to ensure a lasting contribution to Qatar’s growth, and to maximise returns for partners and shareholders. In April 2004, UDC initiated its flagship project: the development of The Pearl-Qatar. This development is a 100% owned multi-billion dollar urban development project that will provide upscale housing and amenities for approximately 41,000 people on a meticulously designed, award winning four million square meter reclaimed island. It is the first urban development in the State of Qatar to allow international freehold ownership, and to offer Qatari resident status to owners and their immediate families. By establishing allied organisations that provide supporting services to The Pearl-Qatar, UDC has demonstrated a successful model for synergistic growth, building businesses that can leverage off one another and go on to generate additional revenue streams in new markets. At the heart of UDC’s strategy is an ability to identify and research investment opportunities, and, where relevant, to attract and partner with the highest quality of international expertise. The resulting array of wholly owned and joint venture operations, successfully win and deliver complex projects within Qatar and increasingly throughout the Middle East and North African region. UDC’s established track record in investment, joint venture and enterprise creation, forms a solid foundation for future growth and diversification in the global marketplace. 
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