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The services offered by Velosi are complementary. Clients can choose a complete Project Quality Management solution - from design through to commissioning - or select an individual service or combination of services to meet their needs.

Whether you are manufacturing equipment, building or maintaining an offshore facility, or installing a refrigeration system, the quality of the product is vital.

Our independtly accredited Statutory Certfication services ensure your equipment can be sold or operated in accordance with local or international legislation.

Throughout any project, it is vital to manage and control quality at every stage - from purchasing and construction through to commissioning.

Our services will monitor and control every quality aspect of your project - from independent thrid party vendor inspection at the purchasing stage, through to on-site quality monitoring during construction.

Ongoing quality control is an integral part of any maintenance programme, and our experience with innovative techniques allow you to review your maintenance programme and schedules based on the results and analysis of up-to-date technologies, potentially reducing downtime and costs.

Another key element of process improvement and successful control is the implementation of Quality Management systems to improve effeciency and productivity.

System Certification can help you improve customer confidence, and, as a consequence, increase market share. Whatever the scale of your project - whether you use a single service element or a total packaged solution - Velosi can help you achieve your objectives effectively.

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