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A group of well experienced and internationally qualified Optometrists joined hands,to form a venture in the mid 80's.The humble begining of the great movement is now a global force.Establishing itself in the nook and corner of the globe VISION CENTER is the new age mantra in eye care. Having established around to ten exclusive showroom world wide,vision center is now a trend setter in the field, by adopting the latest technology.   A wide range of collections right from sun glasses,contact lenses to frames are made available. Giving more importance to professional eye care, all our outlets are equiped with the most modern eye testing systems.Being the whole sale dealers, we deal with the most advanced and trend setting sun glasses , frames, contact lenses, opthalmic workshop machineries ,tools and also a full range ot opthalmic equipments (opthalmic units,refractors,slitlamps,pharopters,lens meters). Apart from professional eye testing, we make audiogram charts and hearing aid fittings too.
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