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Westbay Training is a Training and Development Organisation for the corporate/industrial clientele where our solutions cover a wide range of Non-Technical and Technical courses. Keeping with our valued tradition of serving our country and people, we continuously strive to provide the best quality of training which is the main stay for our existence.

Our Mission is to become the No. 1 for providing professional training in the region. Spearheading the way forward with programmes of expansion, modernization and "Total Quality Management," at Westbay Training we will continue to meet our social responsibilities as one of the emerging Leaders providing Professional Training.



   We design our workshops on developing the attitudes, skills and knowledge of the participants

   We work closely with the management to ensure that the strategic overview is also managed to get the best results at      

     the tactical levels

   Our programmes can be tailored, design and deliver new to suit the unique needs of your organisation

   Our In-house Training offers your organisation the opportunity to benefit from the wide ranging expertise of our extensive

     pool of experienced trainers.

   Our trainers come from a variety of conceptual backgrounds such as Management, Economics, Engineering, Law and


  • Qatar Gas
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