Drilling Division Profile Updates

This profile booklet is usually printed as a bulk print by Al Jaber Geo Technical Company. Therefore, up-to-date profile updates may or may not always appear in the submitted profile booklet.

However, Drilling division is willing to submit under mentioned updated list as separate attachments on your request.   


Government Certificates


i.     Contractors classification certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance

ii.           Drilling license certificate issued through

·        Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture

·        Agriculture and Ground Water Research

Please note: The expired water well drilling license has been submitted to the Ministry of Environment and still waiting for the new license (As other drilling companies too are waiting).


Instruments and Machineries calibration certificates


i.             Examination of lifting equipment certificates

ii.           Instrument calibration certificates


Manpower assessment certificates


i.             Rig operator assessment certificates

ii.            Records of onshore piling rig operator assessment certificates